Posted by: Jason Wood | July 16, 2010

A Super Birthday!

It was Supergirl’s birthday this month and what better present than a wrapped up cake? This cake was a lot of fun to make. The cake itself is a chocolate mud cake, same as was used in this chocolate fan cake (minus the rum since this one was for a kids birthday cake).

I used a 9-inch square cake for this cake. The decorations for this cake, while it may look complex, were actually pretty quick and easy to make. The wrapping paper is white fondant rolled out and placed over the cake which was covered in buttercream icing.

Supergirl felt that the “wrapping paper” needed decorating so she used the edible markers that we used to decorate the butterfly cake

The bow actually consists of a few different pieces. Start with two balls of fondant about the size of a baseball. Wrap one in plastic wrap to keep it pliable while you work with the other. Dye this ball green and then put one-third aside wrapped in plastic wrap.

Excuse the color of the wrapped fondant, I was using pink plastic wrap and it skewed the color. Divide the larger piece into sixths and then roll each part into a small log, about 2 – 3 inches in length

Follow the same steps above for the other ball, but dye it red, then put the logs together, alternating the colors.

Roll this out into a sheet and then trim the edges so that you have a square, about 12 x 23 centimeters. Cut this sheet into strips three centimeters wide.

I know there are two that are smaller, you will see why later. You can cut them all the same size if you want, it’s your cake after all! ; )

To make the loops cover a paper towel roll in parchment paper and then loop  four of the strips over the roll and seal the ends together with fondant glue (or some egg white)

Put this in the fridge to fix it into this form.

With the remaining four strips cut a V-shape into each end and then shape them to reflect a draped bow – pinch the middle and raise it slightly and then twist it slightly.

Put this into the fridge as well to fix the shape.

Ok, still working on the ribbons, take the reserved fondant and form them into logs similar to what you did earlier, roll it out and trim it into a rectangle similar to the way you did before (are you sensing a theme here?), and cut into four strips, 3-cm wide each.

I just realized a I totally forgot to take a picture of this step but it is pretty straight forward. Take the strips you just cut and one-by-one place them on the cake overlapping in the middle and touching the base of the cake on each side. Make sense? You may need to trim the ends as you do not want the parts in the middle to overlap more than a 1/4-inch. This will form a slight mound of icing strips in the middle of the cake. Use a small dab of royal icing to fix in place.

Take the loops out of the fridge and arrange them so that they overlap the strips you just laid down, slightly off-centre (some on the strip and some on the white part). This will add to the little mound of fondant in the middle, but that is OK. Take the remaining strips out of the fridge and arrange them on the cake so that they cover the remaining white areas of the cake, meeting in the middle.  Use a dab of royal icing here as well to fix them in place.

There should be little pieces of trimmed fondant from when you trimmed the rectangles down, get a small piece of this and form a loop and place it right in the middle of the cake to cover the little mound of fondant that all the overlapping strips formed.

Now to make the tag. Roll out some white fondant and using a knife trim it into the shape of a gift tag

Using a thick consistency royal icing (1 egg white, icing sugar added tablespoon at a time until proper consistency is reached, and a dash of lemon juice) with some coloring mixed in pipe out your message. My piping skills are a little sad so I managed to fit Happy Birthday onto a fairly large tag.

Using a skewer punch a hole in the tag and thread some ribbon or red wool through and tie off into a loop. Prop the tag  up against one of the loops and use a dab of royal icing to fix it into place.

All set. Happy Birthday Supergirl!



  1. You are an artist of cake, Jason.


    • Thanks Peri, I have a lot of fun doing them.

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