Posted by: Jason Wood | June 8, 2010


Who doesn’t like gumdrops? Supergirl was looking for something new to try and candy is always a good option, so when I found this recipe on Recipecurio for gumdrops we knew it was something we were going to try. It was very quick and pretty easy, and as a bonus, it is not made with gelatin but pectin so for vegetarians who are missing the gumdrop experience it is perfect!

6-ounces of liquid pectin (2 pouches), 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, 3/4 cup sugar, 3/4 cup clear corn syrup. For the flavor the recipe on Recipecurio used orange extract and orange rind but Supergirl and I, thanks to a lucky discovery at Bulk Barn (will tell you more about this later!) changed it up.

Supergirl got right into the measuring, starting with the sugar

and corn syrup. These two go together into one pot. Do you like the Curious George T-shirt? Cute and retro!

In another pot is the two pouches of pectin and baking soda.

Both pots need to be cooked same temperature, same amount of time – high, about five minutes. The sugar and corn syrup should reach a boil and the pectin and baking soda will foam like crazy and boil. When the foam on the pectin disappears it is time to combine the pots. Slowly pour the pectin into the sugar (caution as both pots hold VERY HOT!!! ingredients).

Supergirl thought that the pectin smelled gross and did not like the steam and foam so while I slaved over a hot stove she played with the camera and took some self portraits.

OK, here is where we changed it up a bit and varied from the Recipecurio recipe. Instead of one flavor, we decided to try for four. I found these awesome gourmet oils at the Bulk Barn made by a company called Lorann Oils, which has all sorts of really cool stuff. These oils are so strong that, as an example, if your recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, you only need 1/4 teaspoon of these oils!

Once Supergirl was finished with her glamor shots she got back to work and prepared the bowls of extract and coloring, a task that she took very seriously debating which color went best with the flavor.

We chose (from left to right) strawberry, cherry, rootbeer and grape. The sugar and pectin starts to set VERY fast, so if you choose to make different flavors like we did, you have to move really fast to pour it into the molds. Leave it on the counter for about two hours and it will be ready to go, but very sticky still (it stuck to the plate when I unmolded them!). I found that it was firmer and more gummy the next day, the flavor was also more intense. You can also roll them in sugar (we chose not to this time, but may next time). Enjoy!



  1. These look wicked! Excellent.

  2. Thanks Claire! If you try them be sure to let me know. Jason

  3. I was thinking it would be good to roll them in sugar to make them less sticky. And you could use cute little candy moulds too, from Bulk Barn, to make Christmas and Halloween and Easter and… gumdrops!

  4. Hi Patty, yes, next time will roll them in sugar for sure, thought of that after, that it would cut down on the sticky factor. Sticky or not they were still yummy! And my father bought me a candy mould from Lee Valley for Christmas that comes in all sorts of present shapes so may try the gumdrops in those!

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