Posted by: Jason Wood | February 4, 2010

Waffle Bowls!

I was looking for a cookie to make for the kids lunches and found this one on the King Arthur Flour blog (if you don’t read this one go there NOW and add it to your list of subscriptions on Google Reader (and you already have mine tagged, right?)). Waffle cookies, and they are good!

I am not going to go through a whole description of making the cookies because the good people at King Arthur Flour did such a great job, so enjoy their blog, but I will say that I do not have a fancy waffle maker like they used, I used an indoor grill and it worked fine.

For the cookies you use a scant half-cup of batter but I found for the bowls using closer to a cup worked better.

The next part is the tricky part as you have to take a hot, soft waffle off the grill and put it onto a bowl. I used two different sized bowls, a rice bowl and a soup bowl, but I found the rice bowl worked better, the soup bowl was too deep.

Place the waffle across the bowl (I used the soup bowl here, but you get the idea)

You can use the deeper bowl but you need to kind of fold the edges in and wedge it down to create the bowl and it rips easily which is why I found the shallow rice bowl better for a mold.

To make the bowl shape I forced the waffle into the rice bowl using a larger bowl.

You can trim the edges of using scissors

This is what two styles of bowls look like, the deeper soup bowl and the rice bowl

I also made a waffle cone by wrapping the large waffle around a styrofoam cone, but I did not get any pics of that, and I am kicking myself because it is HARD to do as evidenced by the scraps from all the waffles that ripped trying to form the cone

and the nice thing about messing up with this kind of recipe is you can eat your mistakes! A pizza cutter works great for cutting up the scraps.

Now all you need to do is find your favorite ice cream and toppings and go to town. Enjoy!



  1. Yum!
    I’d serve the wee pieces with a maple syrup/whipped butter dip!

    Those ice cream bowls will be great in the kids’ lunches. Wish my mom had been able to send me to school with ice cream.

    So, seriously, show us the cookies you baked, too!

    • Mmmm…. that sounds good!

      The scrap pieces ARE the cookies! They went into a cookie tin and were doled out over the week for lunches. Two birds with one stone.

      Oh, and I also made some Faux-reos

      These I had to beat the kids off with a stick to make sure there were some left for their lunches!

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  3. I will check out the Faux-reos.
    I think I was imagining the waffle bowls as more waffle and less the waffle cone kind of consistency and taste. But if they were more waffle cone-y then yeah, they’d be pretty cool.

    So post the photos of the Faux-reos!!

    I an not very good at doling out, I tend to dole in, in large numbers.

    • The bowls are definitely more waffle-ly, not like a waffle cone, it was an experiment. The cone that I made was VERY thick and waffe-ly, so not something I would have all that often, but fun to try.

      No pics of the Faux-reos, they disappeared to fast : (

  4. Darn on the Faux-reos!

    And okay, then the waffle bits would be great with the maple syrup/butter dip! I was thinking that if they were more waffle cone-ish then it wouldn’t work as well.

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