Posted by: Jason Wood | September 6, 2009

Danger Pie!


Proceed past this point at your own risk because this post is dangerous! Danger Pie! Why is this post dangerous? Two reasons. First, the actual preparation of the pie could cause an explosion if not done right (no joke here, please be careful!), and second, there is a danger that you might closet yourself away and eat this whole pie yourself.

This recipe was modified from one that I saw on Bert’s Cannery.

So to get started you need two cans of sweetened, condensed milk, (Eagle Brand) nectar of the gods (already you can tell this pie is going to be good – TWO cans of Eagle Brand? OMG!!). Strip the labels off and using a large (biggest you have) pot, immerse the cans in boiling water for 2 1/2 hours. This is the danger part – it is VERY important to keep the cans completely covered throughout the entire boiling process, so monitor the water level in the pot and add more boiling water from a kettle as needed. You should always have enough water to maintain about 3 inches above the top of the can. If you let the water boil away and dip below the top of the can the can WILL explode (this is the danger in DANGER pie). Clear? OK, so as mentioned before, proceed at your own risk. Supergirl and Z-man were both pretty impressed that there was the possibility of an explosion in the kitchen and I am not sure if they were disappointed that there was not.


it is hard to take a picture of something under water while standing above the water!

Now that the safety concerns have been dealt with, this pie is SOOOO worth it so just use some common sense, pay attention and lets get on with it.

Let’s start with the crust. A graham cracker crust is really easy to make. You only need graham crackers (well duh!), sugar and butter.


Put 3/8 cup butter in a pot on low heat and melt. While this is melting, take about 25 graham crackers and put them in a large Ziploc bag


You could do this in a food processor but this way there is less to clean up after. Pound the crackers with a rolling pin until you have medium-sized chunks


and then you can roll it into crumbs. You should end with about 2 cups


Combine the graham crumbs with the sugar in a mixing bowl, stir well, and then add the melted butter (you didn’t forget about that in all the fun of pounding the crackers did you?)


Stir this together well and then press into a 10-inch pie plate, try to get about 1/8-inch thickness all around


You can pop this into the oven now if you like for about 15-minutes at 375 but if you put it in the fridge for an hour first and THEN the oven, the crust will be a little more tender. Regardless of how you decide to do this step, when it comes out of the oven put it on a wire rack to cool.

While all this was going on you have of course been monitoring the water level in your pot, right? Good. After 2 /12 hours remove the cans and place them on a wire rack to allow them to cool completely.

Everyone is familiar with Eagle brand? this is what it usually looks like when you open a can (from Orange Creamsicle Cake)


but look what 2 1/2 hours immersed in boiling hot water transforms this sweetness into


Caramel! The best caramel EVER!

Scoop about 1 1/2 cans into the pie crust and spread it evenly


Now this will introduce another danger element to Danger Pie. You will notice that while you boiled TWO cans of Eagle Brand, you only actually use ONE AND A HALF cans? That leaves 1/2 of a can unaccounted for. The danger is that you will just stand there with a spoon and eat that half can!



OK, now that your snack break is over, throw the pie into the fridge and let us get onto the next stage of Danger Pie, the chocolate layer (because chocolate and caramel are a natural combination).

For this I used Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate pudding recipe, previously seen filling the chocolate bowl’s that Supergirl and I made. For this pudding you will want to avoid any sort of skin forming on the pudding so before you put it in the fridge to cool make sure you press a layer of plastic wrap smoothly over the pudding (press it right into the chocolate). Once the pudding has cooled scoop it out and put it on top of the caramel layer and spread it so that it evenly covers the whole pie


This was just the first scoop of pudding, so you can see the contrast between the layers; I used a LOT more pudding. Here again is another danger element to the danger pie – stopping to snack on the chocolate pudding! Once (or if?) you manage to finish with the pudding layer, stick it back in the fridge to allow the pudding to firm up some more.

Next up is the top layer, whip cream. Beat up some whip cream and gently smooth this all over the top of the chocolate layer. Be careful when spreading this layer not to press too hard and dent the chocolate layer. Three layers of goodness done!


Dust this with some cocoa powder


and the slice it up and serve it up! This is the last danger aspect of this pie that you may have to deal with – getting out of the way of your guests as they rush to get a piece! Enjoy!




  1. No more comments until you stop cooking dangerously – and I mean the deadly ingredients, not the exploding cans of yuck!!

    With your brains and talent I KNOW you can make healthy food!!

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