Posted by: Jason Wood | August 18, 2009

BBQ Pizza!


Summer finally decided to arrive in Ottawa and with the heat Z-man and Supergirl both decided they wanted pizza for dinner. The thought of a 450 degree oven on when it was 39 degrees outside (for anyone reading this in the US, that translates to stinking hot! about 102) was not too appealing, so the grill was fired up.

You can buy store bought crusts, but where’s the fun in that?! This is my favorite recipe for pizza crust (and I am taking a shortcut to show this to you, because the people at King Arthur Flour have already done it, and much better than I could!). Watch this really cool video (and then don’t forget to come back, right?)

Asiago Grilled Rounds

So, now that you know all about making the best crust ever, pop one onto the grill


You can tell tell it is time to move when it it starts to puff up


If you rotate it 90 degrees and the flip it over in a few minutes you get a really cool diamond pattern on your crust


looks yummy, eh? Mmmm!

Once you flip it over, you have to work fast and add the toppings or the bottom will burn. Z-man  likes cheese, Supergirl adds pepperoni and Dad prefers whatever I can find in the fridge



and the finished product


Some of the best pizza ever! Z-man looked at his and told me it was good but that I had burnt one side. Give me a break, cooking over an open flame here!! Enjoy!


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